The USJA Science Bazaar 2019

“African countries need to use science to create wealth, raise standards of living and solve many other challenges. This should be in ways that are easy to comprehend by the masses” – H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at the opening of USJA’s Uganda Conference for Science Communication November 24, 2008, Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala

May 30 – June 1, 2019, Kampala

Theme: Creating an inclusive environment in Science and Technology

Call for Session and Exhibition Proposals [Closed]

Do you have a special innovation in health, agriculture, energy, ICTs, the environment, or any other field with the potential to positively impact lives? The Uganda Science Journalists Association (USJA) is looking for exciting ideas and products, locally bred or adopted, to improve people’s lives as well as spur sustainable growth.

USJA and her partners are giving you a platform to showcase your scientific innovations before hundreds of experts, journalists from Uganda and the rest of the world, and to the general public, through an open innovations market or exhibition and a high level discussion.

About USJA

The Uganda Science Journalists Association (USJA) is a national umbrella non-profit organization of journalists, communication officers, scientists and researchers committed to the growth and development of science journalism and science communication in Uganda. The USJA was founded in 2005 and incorporated on 14th April, 2008, as a Company Limited by Guarantee. Headquartered in Kampala, the USJA works through regional science journalists’ networks in northern Uganda (NUSJOURN), western Uganda (WESJOURN) and eastern Uganda (EUSJOURN) to promote science journalism and science communication across the country. The USJA is a member of the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ), an international non-profit organization that promotes the role of science journalists as key players in civil society and democracy.

For 13 years now the USJA has been working to promote the communication and appreciation of science in society especially in Uganda. Through local and international seminars, workshops, conferences, exhibitions and specialised trainings, the association has built a formidable force of journalists that is analytical, passionate and able to pass to the public scientific messages accurately, more articulately, and more regularly.

The closer understanding between Ugandan science journalists and scientists over the last decade has led to exceptional growth in media coverage of science related subjects including health, agriculture, energy, the environment and ICTs. Despite that, a lot of science still remains exclusive. We now want to go a step further; we want to bring everyone to the table of science. We don’t just want to talk. We want to show that science works.

The Science Bazaar 2019 is one of USJA’s largest international events since the Association’s establishment in 2005. It will be organised in such a way that it incorporates a grand exhibition, conference, workshops, peer-to-peer learning and communication, awards of excellence, and entertaining science to a diverse audience.

The bazaar, in which the USJA’s 3rd Science Journalism Forum is incorporated, seeks to inspire innovation in Uganda and Africa by highlighting our status in the different fields of Science, Technology and Innovation, and showcasing life changing innovations from other countries and continents. The bazaar is the official pre-event to Africa’s bid to host the World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ) 2021 in Nairobi, Kenya. This bid is being prepared by a Consortium led by SciDev.Net, the Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (MESHA) and the Kenya Environment and Science Journalists Association (KENSJA).

The two-day exhibition is open to the general public while the forum is a one day high level engagement of scientists, journalists, policy makers, entrepreneurs and civil society representatives.

At the moment we are seeking two things:

1)   Paper or session proposal form

2)  Exhibition proposal form_USJA

Who should submit?

USJA members, as individuals or through their networks, and other African science journalists as individuals or through their associations, are encouraged to submit session or paper ideas for the forum. These could include proposals on what science they would like the forum to cover, or what they would like to share during the forum. Scientists, Researchers, Communication Officers and others, individually or through their organisations, can submit proposals on what they would like to share during the forum. Exhibitors/innovators, as individuals or through their organisations, can submit detailed descriptions of what they would want to exhibit at the Science Bazaar 2019.

Selection process

A programme committee will assess the suitability of the proposals for the forum or for the exhibition and respond within one month after the deadline. Please note that there will be limited slots so the proposal should be relevant to the theme and of most relevance to especially an African audience. For specific requirements about submitting your paper proposal please follow this link. For specific requirements about the exhibition here is the link.

Where to submit?

Send your proposals through using “Science Bazaar 2019 Proposal” as your email title.

Deadline for Submission

September 28, 2018.

Outline of activities

i) Exhibition
ii) Conference
iii) Workshops and other activities that may be proposed by partners
iv) Awards of excellence in science journalism
v) Recognition and awards to best exhibitors
vi) Field visits


The exhibitors will pay USD 100 or its equivalent in Uganda Shillings over three days (includes one day of setting up and two days of exhibition). The bazaar is ideally a market so exhibitors will have the opportunity to promote, market and sell their innovations.

The science journalism forum is a high level conference to discuss topical issues under the bazaar theme and come up with recommendations. Another expected key outcome of the conference is a communiqué by African science journalists’ associations and their partners declaring support for and endorsing Africa’s bid to host the World Conference of Science Journalists 2021 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Participation in the conference is by invitation and will involve a conference registration fee of USD 50 for Ugandans and USD 100 for none Ugandans. The fee covers day time meals and refreshments as well as access to conference facilities and the exhibition. Field trips to some of Uganda’s innovation sites will be organised for participants. Detailed programmes for all the events under the bazaar will be uploaded as soon as the selection is done.

For more information about the USJA Science Bazaar 2019 please contact:

William Odinga Balikuddembe
Tel: +256772881727


Diana Bauza
Tel: +256782939210