Majority of households (52 percent) use Tadooba (local paraffin candle) as the main source of energy for lighting. Only about 20 percent use electricity. Electricity use has more than doubled and use of Tadooba has reduced by about 20 percent.

At the time of census 2014 enumeration, the Tadooba was predominantly used in the rural areas (60 percent) compared to the urban areas (25 about reverse is true for electricity.


71 percent of households in Uganda use firewood for cooking with 85 percent in the rural and 31 percent in the urban areas. This is an improvement from the 82% of households that used firewood for cooking in 2002.

The government’s plan to expand electricity distribution to rural areas under the rural electrification agency is aimed at increasing access to clean power that would provide alternatives to wood fuel.

If successful, this would result into two major benefits; protecting the environment through reduced destruction of forests for wood fuel and improved health of especially women through reduced exposure to smoke from wood fuels.

All the above data was obtained from the 2014 Uganda Census

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